Saas Processes Pvt. Ltd.'s focus is Business Process Management, especially Process Automation. It is a 21st century company, passionate about making our world a green, paper-free world, where people can leverage the Internet to work anytime, from anywhere. The company offers all of its products and services in SaaS, i.e., Software-as-a-Service, mode.

Listed below are the company's products, built using its in-house developed Object-oriented Database and Process Automation technologies.

Software Solutions for Education


A software infrastructure for university departments


A platform for offering degrees and diplomas online

ERP Software Solutions

ERP Fundamentals

ERP Software for SMEs

Club Management System

ERP Software for Clubs and Professional Organizations

ERP App Suite

A suite of 3 applications for efficient operations of an organization

Process Automation Solutions


Zero Code Workflow Automation System

Processes Online

Java-based Software Platform for Process Automation

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